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Courses and trainings

We regularly offer courses in the Four Rooms of Change theory, Future Search and other topics mainly in Sweden and the United States.

The Four Rooms of Change - Facilitator Certification
Course I

This is a collaboration between Claes Janssen Ph.D. and A&L Partners.

Read all about the Four Rooms of Change theory.

The Four Room Apartment instruments, or tools, have been designed to help learners grasp and apply the theory quickly, in a manner that is grounded in their own experience.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be certified to use these instruments:

  • Introduction to the Four Room Apartment
  • Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale
  • The Organizational Barometer
Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to have access to effective tools that help them better understand and work with individual and collective defenses. Anyone who wants to support actions that increase job satisfaction and inspiration.

  • Managers
  • Consultants
  • Change Agents
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Work Environment Experts
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • others who regard their work as influential upon change processes.
The programme

The programme consists of three parts (2+2+2 days). Between the three sessions, practical application of the tools in real situations is encouraged. Networking between participants is encouraged but not required. We supply mentoring opportunities as an option.

Part I

During Part I, we introduce the tools Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change and The Organizational Barometer and we practice using them in the group. We discuss the grounding theory and how the tools may be used diagnostically and within a consultative framework. Defense mechanisms, values and beliefs in the context of development work are also discussed. Time is allocated for planning, with the help and support of the training facilitators, to determine how you will use the tools in your work over the next several months.

Part II

Part II that is scheduled during Part I, begins with the participants reflecting on their experience of using the tools they learned in Part 1. We learn from our experiences. Also during Part II, we learn the basics of the theory and the tool Personal Dialects with the Outsider Scale; using the materials as a frame of reference, you learn how to work with issues like self-knowledge, personal development and team development. Participants also plan for further practice with the 3 tools that they have learned to use.

Part III

During Part III, we focus on the professional use of the tools. We learn from experience and use the learning for the certification procedure. A brief introduction to the three other tools the Team Barometer, the Management Barometer and the Life Contentment Index and how they fit into the Four Rooms of Change frame-work is given.

Claes Janssen, the originator, participates in one of the three workshops.


After completed training, we enter into an agreement that entitles the participant to professional use of the theory and to purchase the tools connected. Certification is contingent upon successful completion of the following steps:

  1. Participate during all sessions, learning all instruments presented.
  2. Practise application of the instruments between the sessions, participate in two telephone conferences for mentoring purposes.
  3. Evaluate the personal experiences from applying the instruments together with the training facilitators and fellow participants.
The Agreement

After the training, we enter into an agreement that entitles the user to purchase the tools and to take part in the User Forum. The User Forum is an arena which develops organically, stimulating the exchange of experience and learning.

Its primary aim is to increase end-user quality.

The User Forum

Participation in the User Forum, an ongoing requirement for continued certification, helps to maintain the quality, integrity, and sharing of best practices related to the use of the 4- Room Apartment Tools.

The fee for the Forum is offered at an »at cost« rate. It includes at least one Learning Exchange Conference per year, access to the fourrooms.com List Server, and guaranteed updates of tools and other materials connected to them.


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