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Four Rooms of Change

The 4-Room Apartment is the colloquial name for the Four Rooms of Change Theory. It originates from Ph.D. Claes Janssen's ground breaking research on individual and collective defense mechanisms in the middle of the 70's.


The Four Rooms of Change is a theory that explores change and how it impacts people and organizations. It gives users a mutual language which opens the lines of communication and enables them to handle challenges like stress, conflict, anxiety, chaos, learning and collaboration more effectively while moving toward community and increased productivity.


The tools are:

  • Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change - an assessment aimed at understanding the theory and its implications.
  • Personal dialectics with The Outsider Scale - A self-assessment for increased understanding of self and others and that can be used also to deepen the understanding of the Four Rooms of Change Theory
  • At this writing there are fourteen barometers, the barometers are aimed at increasing self-awareness  on a collective level in important aspects like the level and cause of contentment, self-censorship, confusion and inspiration. To learn more about the barometers download the pdf Four Rooms and Fourteen Tools.
Application of the Four Rooms of Change

The Four Rooms of Change tools have a diagnostic and scrutinizing character. They »touch« individuals, groups, whole organizations, and work places. Some of the tools are more suitable for use in training sessions with individuals, groups, or managers and in development sessions with management teams, work teams, or projects groups. The other tools are better used as survey instruments when you want to scrutinize other areas of the organization, such as the climate or the readiness for change.

An Alternative to Anonymous Surveys

The Barometers are excellent alternatives to Employee Opinion Surveys and other Anonymous Inquires. They can also be used to enhance the quality and clarify the meaning of the data you have gathered from surveys. They give work units or teams the common language needed to work through issues that are identified in a way that is difficult to achieve with other organizational assessments.

In a time when employee cooperation and working together with management is important to taking increased joint responsibility for the business and organizational work environment, these tools are the right alternative.


Claes Janssen, Ph.D. - Psychologist, researcher, author and consultant – has been known internationally since his 1970’s research in individual and collective censorship. Based on this research, Claes Janssen has developed several practical and user-friendly diagnostic tools to help individuals and organizations increase self-awareness.

Kenneth Ander and Bengt Lindstrom of A&L Partners have been working together with Claes Janssen to increase the use of these tools in all areas of society, focusing on their application to working life, since 1993. Training for user competence is one of the results of this collaboration.

Facilitator training and certification

To gain knowledge and skills in using the diagnostic tools with individuals, groups and whole organizations you are welcome to participate in Training and Certification Workshops in the United States or in Europe.


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