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About »The Four Room Apartment«

The Four Rooms of Change is the original and the correct name

The Four Rooms of Change is the original name of the theory, the model and the series of pedagogical tools developed by Claes Janssen, PhD, researcher, author and psychologist.

The Four Rooms of Change theory was developed as a direct result of Claes Janssen's ground-breaking research on individual and collective self-censorship in the late 1960's and the early 1970's.

Early international recognition

Already in the late seventies Janssen's work was recognized internationally and very early on Claes Janssen was invited to public workshops in the United States of America. One of the first to understand the practical impact of the theory was the internationally reputed OD consultant Marvin Weisbord who wrote about it in his book Productive Workplaces – Organizing and Managing for Dignity, Meaning, and Community in 1985, one of the best and most comprehensive books ever written on Organization Development, its history, its practise and its future. The latest edition of this book Productive Workplaces Revisited – Organizing and Managing for Dignity, Meaning, and Community is updated and even better, a must have for the OD professional and even more so for the client, the customer or the buyer of OD services.

Since then Marvin Weisbord and his colleague Sandra Janoff has written about the theory in all of their books: Discovering Common Ground, Future Search and Don't Just Do Something – Stand There. Ten Principles for Leading Meetings That Matter.

In all of these writings except for the last one, Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff names the model »The Four Room Apartment«, always in agreement with the originator, Claes Janssen. Lately Janssen, Weisbord and Janoff have decided to use the original name, »The Four Rooms of Change«, which in a clearer way states what the theory and the model is and stands for.

Several other books has been published in English and other languages where The Four Rooms of Change has played an important role.

IKEA furnishes The Four Room Apartment

Already in the mid nineties IKEA, the world famous furnishing company, signed a corporate license for the Four Rooms of Change. The agreement allows IKEA to use a customized version of the Four Rooms of Change worldwide within IKEA to help managers and staff to manage change. It has been extremely successful. The latest success example is from Japan where the Four Rooms of Change now is a must-have competence for all managers.

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Other names of the Four Rooms of Change

Plagiarisms are now starting to appear on different places of the earth. Some are simply called »The Four Rooms«, others have more puzzling names. One for example called »The Change House«. This specific model is not only using a fake name, it is also not true to the original content-wise. It messes up and confuses distinctions between the rooms.

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How do You recognize the Four Rooms of Change?

Cover of IKEA's Four Rooms of Change materialYou recognize the Four Rooms of Change when you see a model that looks something like this: In this brochure you can find the official Four Rooms of Change model (pdf, 70 kb).

The four quadrants – the for psychological rooms – have names that is exactly or very close to:

Theft or thoughtlessness?

It could actually be either or. However, in most cases it is neither, people just don't seem to know that there is an original that has been developed, researched and upgraded for more than 30 years.

Most often people hear a summary of the theory in a presentation of something and find it interesting, appealing and sometimes tantalizing. Or they read about it on the internet.

They don't know that there are practical and pedagogical applications for almost all areas of social life – from the cradle to the grave. And for all levels of organizations, from the board-rooms to the hands-on job settings. From the federal government to the class-room in any school.

So now that you are here – learn more by browsing this site and contact us if you want to know more about how the Four Rooms of Change can be of help in your business.

Get the real thing – the change tool-kit that works

A&L Partners is by far the most experienced organization in the world when it comes to applications of the Four Rooms of Change. For more than 15 years (since 1993) we have been collaborating with the originator, Claes Janssen, to develop and spread the theory, the model and the applications in the world.

We are:

  • Training and certifying internal and external consultants as well as managers in the best-practice use of the theory and the tools
  • Developing and distributing the pedagogical tools connected to the theory. So far (2008) into 10 languages
  • Offering corporate licenses (and country licenses) allowing an organization to customize and use the package within the company for an agreed upon time-frame.
  • Enhancing end-user quality by supporting the rapidly growing network of consultants, internal and external, and managers who are certified and works with the tools in their business.

We would be happy to hear from you. E-mail us at info@andolin.com.


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