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The Four Rooms Globalization

The Four Room Movement in the world

Ever since the mid 1970's when Claes Janssen, Ph.D. finished his ground-breaking research on individual and collective self-censorship and the Theory of the four Rooms of Change saw the light of day, people in almost every corner of the world have been curious about how it can be used for understanding, supporting and managing change. And sometimes to put an end to change that is destructive.

The Four Rooms of Change and its associated practical tools have proven to be useful in all parts of the world regardless of culture, religion, politics, gender, business type etcetera.

The Four Rooms of Change is a universal and very powerful everyday psychology that can be understood and become helpful to every human being including children down to six years of age. And best of all - you don't need to be a psychologist to work with it. Nor does it require any other pre-requisites.

How it is spread

In Claes Janssen's home country, Sweden, a relatively small country in Northern Europe, the theory is spread in many ways, for example in schools, through books and by word of mouth.

Most significantly and efficiently it is spread by devoted consultants, managers, teachers and other professionals who take the certification training to get access to the six pedagogical tools that have been developed by Claes Janssen, some of them in collaboration with A&L Partners AB and some in collaboration with oter active users.

Certification trainings have also been delivered in the United States since 1999, also by A&L Partners AB.

Global outreach and present contacts

Early this year we took the decision to translate the basic tools into the ten most widely used languages in the world. So far translation work has begun in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Arabic and Russian. Most of what is written about the Four Rooms of Change is translated and have been available for several years in English. Friends of the four Rooms of Change in the Nordic countries have also prompted us to translate into Norwegian and Danish.

Certification in your part of the world?

So far certification programs have only been delivered in Sweden and the United States of America.

We are now actively looking for collaborators in other parts of the world who understand the Four Rooms and would like to contribute to the spreading in their country or region.

Because of the problems for people far away coming to Sweden or the USA for the traditional 2 + 2 + 2 days Certification workshops we have redesigned the certification process and will now deliver it almost anywhere in a structure of only two parts, 5 + 2 days with a few month in between.

Currently there is work going on to bring people together for certification programs in:

  • England / UK
  • Jordan
  • Israel
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • India

So if you happen to live in any of those countries or regions, feel free to contact us at fourrooms@andolin.com and we'll be happy to put you in touch with the local person or consulting group with whom we collaborate presently.

What if my country or native language is not on the list?

Either you may be the person we are looking for or you might know that person or somebody who knows somebody.

We are hoping to find Organization Development Consulting Companies, preferably small or medium sized, to collaborate with.

Basic requirements are that they believe in and stand up for the same value base that we and the Four Rooms of Change stands for - de-censoring, openness, conscious choices, action learning, democracy and human rights and what is presented on the A&L and Four Rooms of Change web sites.

The consulting company we are looking for should be stable and have enough resources and experience to run the logistics of professional trainings and workshops and to be able to produce, administer and deliver printed and other related goods to customers, consultants and end-users.

Three different types of licenses

Let's first say it once and for all - the theory of the Four Rooms of Change by Claes Janssen is of course free to use and to spread by word of mouth as long as all copyright and all immaterial rights that belongs to the originator and to A&L Partners are respected.

However, after Claes Janssen's more than 30 years of development work and our 15 years of collaboration, we have managed to build tools and methods that really give the theory justice and that are extremely beneficial, effective and useful. We enjoy spreading them and want others to gain the same kind of inspiration and contentment that we get when we see how it is being used and what effects it has - in schools, in corporations (IKEA is one of the worlds largest companies using the Four Rooms of Change worldwide through a Corporate License), in health care, in elderly care, in city councils and governments, in families and so on.

It makes a difference - not seldom The Difference - in any social system on the planet.

Single user certificate - after having completed the basic certification process you are more capable and free to use the theory and its related tools either as a independent consultant or as an internal consultant or a manager in any kind of organization. Once certified the Certificate follows you, not the organization. Of around 165 active users there are something like 10-15% who are managers or leaders of some kind. The training can be taken anywhere as long as it is being delivered by trainers that are selected and authorized by A&L Partners.

The single user certificate is purchased - after completed training - for one year at a time. It allows the user to buy the tools at an agreed upon price from the local retailer, to get support from more experienced facilitators and consultants, free upgrades and offers to take other, more in-depth, workshops to get access to other tools such as the Team Barometer, The Life Awareness Index and also the Family Barometer which is currently under construction.

More research and development goes on and there is for example a great interest in the newly developed methods for working with children from the age of six to twelve years which has proven to give extremely good results when it comes to learning effectiveness, social climate in the class room, student - teacher contact and on top of that, the most thrilling result - no bullying exists in 90 % of the classes working with the Four Rooms of Change!

Part of the Certification agreement is that the user is welcome to join local or regional User Forums at least once per year. This year (2006) for example the User Forum in Sweden will take place in Stockholm August 23-25 and it will gather more than 40 users and many clients. The aim is to learn from experience. Claes Janssen, the originator, participates.

Country license - or regional license - is given to a consulting company or its equivalent who have proven to be able to do the same kind of work in their country or region that we do here in Sweden and in the USA.

And just so that it is clear - even if we do business in North America, we are still looking to find potential collaborators on that vast continent. It could be one or maybe two or three. What will be the best structure must be organically developed. A&L Partners is incorporating in the USA in the fall / winter of 2006 / 2007.

Corporate license - is purchased by any organization that wishes to use the Four Rooms of Change in a broader way within their own organization. It comes with training of a number of internal consultants and /or managers as well as the right to customize the tools to a certain degree so that it blends in together with the organization's own profile and way of operating. It also includes support and mentoring by some of the world's most experienced users. Minimum number of years for a basic corporate license is three.

When you want to use the tools with more than 500 people within one organization there might be reason to consider a corporate license compared to buying and using single copies of the material and especially if you consider using the Four Rooms of Change more than occasionally, more long term, which has proven to give the most extraordinary results.

Original vs. forgery

And please - for the sake of the effectiveness in spreading - use the original! There are a few plagiarisms out there of which the most spread and at the same time most flagrant thefts is called The Change House. If you happen to stumble over it, please drop us a note so that we could offer whoever is using it the real thing, the original. From our experience most people who uses these forgeries are not doing it because they want to steal anything, but because they don't know that there is an original. And that's too bad for the sake of de-censoring the world.


Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Contact info:
Phone to Swedish office: Int + 46 8 677 0030
Phone to US office: Int + 1 212 838 2781

Click here to read more about the certification process and the Four Rooms of Change.



» Four Rooms of Change certification leaflet, pdf, 0.5 mb

» Four Rooms of Change certification leaflet for Australia, pdf, 0.5 mb

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