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IKEA and the Four Rooms of Change

IKEA keeps growing with The Four Rooms of Change.

Cover of IKEA's Four Rooms of Change materialIn 1999 IKEA signed a corporate license concerning the use of the Four Rooms of Change worldwide. Two special editions of the pedagogical material were published, one in Swedish and one in English. Today The Four Rooms of Change is widely spread within IKEA and with extraordinarly good results.

Tomas Oxelman is the professional within IKEA who initiated the Four Rooms in 1999 and he is still one of the key persons responsible for the use within the organization. Here's what Tomas wrote in an email to Claes Janssen in March 2008, ten years later (published with permission of Tomas Oxelman of IKEA and translated by Bengt Lindstrom):

»The Four Rooms is a really big thing within IKEA today and no other model has even come close to spreading as it has. I myself am a little surprised at how a model can have such break-through power. Now to be honest one should bear in mind that we work with a light version of the model as you know, and many have a limited understanding. But maybe that is what have made it so popular. Everyone can learn the basics relatively quickly which is a must today if lots of people are to hook in. Lately it has made its entry into Japan. /... / Lasse who is working there as retail manager has made The Four Rooms a must-know-model for all managers. And it works!«

Contact A&L Partners for enquiries about corporate licenses as well as internal certification programs.

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» Four Rooms of Change brochure, pdf, 0.7 mb

» Four Rooms of Change certification leaflet, pdf, 0.5 mb

» Four Rooms of Change certification leaflet for Australia, pdf, 0.5 mb

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