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About us

A&L Partners AB becomes A&L Partners Consulting AB

VAT number and ownership is exactly the same as before the name change.

About the companies within the A&L group

The A&L group is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. One of the manifestations is to change names from November 1st 2011.

The name-shift is just one part in a larger change process which has been ongoing for a few years and that aims at reaching increased clarity externally and increased efficiency both externally and internally in the group. In particular, the theory, the model and the pedagogical tools which forms the concept the Four Rooms of Change® will be strengthened. Among many other things the Four Rooms of Change very soon will have its own official home on the Internet. Also, Claes Janssen Ph.D., the Swedish researcher, psychologist, author and originator of the Four Rooms of Change is releasing four new books late 2011 of which 2 are in English.

The Organizational Development Consulting business will also be significantly more visible and accessible.

Brief background

A&L Partners AB – former A&L AB – with VAT no. SE556254104401, was established in 1991 by three organizational development consultants who left their part-ownership in one of the most well reputed consulting groups at that time in northern Europe, ab arbetskonsulter.

The A&L enterprise today (2911) hold three legal entities:

  • A&L Partners AB, parent of the A&L Group. VAT No. SE556254104401. Owners are Bengt Lindstrom, one of the founders and Eva Widegren who owns half of the shares since 2004.
  • A&L Partners Consulting AB. Subsidiary. VAT No. SE556565451301. Owner is A&L Partners AB.
  • Fyrarummaren AB (The Four Rooms of Change Inc). Vat No. SE556504368301. Owners are A&L Partners AB and Claes Janssen Konsult AB.
An enterprise in constant progress – and change

The parent company was founded in 1991 as a puristic, creative and value-based organization development consulting business. Already in 1993 a close collaboration was established with Claes Janssen. Not only had he created the theory the Four Rooms of Change based on rigorous theoretical and empirical studies, he had also developed a number of pedagogical applications, or tools, which were absolute unique of its kind. They proved to be unique on the market and even better – they proved to bring an unprecedented and almost unbelievable practical usefulness to all kinds of organizations and social systems. It just worked.

Since 1993 the Four Rooms of Change business has grown remarkably and spread over the world in a way that was hard to foresee.

The A&L group now becomes clearer in also in its ambition to be a publisher, specialised in bringing Claes Janssen's books onto the market. So far Claes Janssen have published 10 titles on different themes and this fall (2011= two of which are published in English.

  • The Four Rooms of Change Part I. A Practical Everyday Psychology.
  • The Four Rooms of Change Part II. Fifteen Years of More Experience.

All titles can be ordered from A&L Partners website or by emailing info@andolin.com.

Further information

During the next few month, detailed information will be published here.

You are also welcome to contact any of us directly or to put a request or question to info@andolin.com.


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