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Burnout and organization

Burnout - a diagnosis and a syndrome now frequently found also among young people in the beginning of their career. For more information on burnout and organization, contact Bengt Lindstrom, e-mail: bengt@andolin.com.

Fredrik Bengtsson's thesis - an abstract

Att få livet att gå ihop by Fredrik BengtssonFredrik Bengtsson, a psychologist who has graduated from the University of Lund, did his thesis on the theme To Keep Living a Whole Life - conditions of work for young people in their career. This is an empirical study, which aims to enhance the knowledge of younger careerists working- and life-conditions. The idea is that the comprehension of what these working- and life-conditions mean shall improve by listening to what representatives of this group of people have to tell about their own lives. With this information obtained, it is possible to distinguish the factors which make it difficult for these men and women to reach a balance between their working and private life, and what causes problems of stress and burnout within that group. Ten persons have been interviewed in order to reach this purpose and it is their stories that make-up the ground of the study. The knowledge that this paper brings about is qualitative and the material has been analyzed with a hermeneutical method. The results indicate that the participants in the study have difficulties reaching a proper balance between their working and private lives and several of them experience a lack of time, which for two of them have resulted in burnout. It is a combination of societal-organizational and individual factors that lead to these problems and it is therefore of great importance that the entire life-situation is taken into account in order to understand the problems in each case. The authors conclusion is that there are no general solutions to be found, it is rather a question of accepting the complexity of the problems to be able to find solutions that are constructive to both the individuals and the organizations and the society as a whole.



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