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Consulting services

Why choose a consultant from A&L Partners? We have a broad range of competencies. We offer general consulting and we offer unique concepts and process that get results. Here are our fields of work:

Breakpoint - Integration and Diversity

Breakpoint - integration and diversity

Breakpoint Conferences is an initiative to make more than 100,000 natives, immigrants and refugees move from words to action while increasing their own responsibility for integration and diversity, democracy, equality, within their reach, in less than three years.
» Read more about Breakpoint at the website bryt.se

Group and organizational development

A&L Partners have extensive experience from development work with groups and organizations throughout most areas of society. We take our standpoint from the traditions of Tavistock and A.K Rice Institute. We work systemically and focus on the benefits of the individual and the organization.


Decensoring of organizations

De-censoring means that we help you investigate how »tightly the lid is on«, what effects that has and how to ease the pressure to the benefit of work environment, individual sense of well-being and business renewal. We collaborate with Claes Janssen, Ph.D. and the Swedish Academy of Democracy in developing tools for addressing these issues.


Crisis and trauma management

Working with change management and development of small businesses and huge organizations, as well as in life as a whole, crisis management is a crucial issue for well-being and prosperity. We have extensive experience and methods for working with individuals and organizations, coping with difficult, stressful, anxiety-driven and traumatic experiences.


Strategy work and future planning

To come slightly closer to understanding your history, to scrutinize and diagnose the present and together with stakeholders describe the attractive future that all can agree on, is by far the most critical step in forming a durable strategy. Working this way the implementation plan is virtually done.


Supportive and confrontative consultation

The words of a client: »You had the ability to support me when I needed it the most and deserved it the least. You held up the mirror when I didn't want to see myself.«


Globalization of working life

Working life is globalizing and the anxiety of not being good enough is increasing, no matter which side of the border you are on. A&L Partners are experienced in working across boundaries.

We are working from Afghanistan in the east, to the American West and from Southern Africa to the Arctic.


Management development

Succession planning and Management development are crucial issues to organizations. A&L Partners help organizations increase their ability to find, keep, develop and to phase-out managers, management functions and businesses. We help managers to help themselves. We support, confront and deliver knowledge and experience for peak-performance.


Speaking partnership

Speaking-partnership, guidance and supervision are ways of describing a special kind of consultation aimed at one or two persons. Managers, experts, consultants or any employee are welcome to use this service. An efficient way of supporting individuals or making communication happen between individuals - Third Party Intervention.


Organizational diagnosis

Organizational diagnosis is: to investigate what is going on in a social system and to interpret that from a theory, a model and/or from a set of values that you believe in. It is most important to start the diagnostic work by choosing a relevant point of reference.


Developing methods and tools aimed at teaching managers to help themselves

A&L Partners develop tools and assessments that are congruent with our over all goals: to increase Efficiency and Common Humanity in working life. We are looking for ways to distribute these tools and methods to others.



In a world characterized by opening up borders and new lines of communication, the most relevant issue in change management is to become increasingly competent in managing diversity. Gender, race, age, skill, language, religion, life-values and personality are examples of differences between people that, constructively managed, can help significantly increase prosperity in working life in organizations, in society and within each individual and his or her family. We contribute to increase that capacity.


Certifying 4-Room Apartment facilitators

A&L Partners trains, supervises and certifies facilitators in the use of the 4-Room Apartment Tools. The tools are diagnostic assessments, addressing issues of self-censorship and confusion, renewal and contentment within work-groups and organizations. The aim of the certification process is to maximize performance at the end user level.



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