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Organizational diagnosis

Organizational change or redesign is a process that affects the lives of everyone in the organization. It also affects the lives of many others outside the organization and therefore should not be taken lightly.

An early step in any organizational change or redesign effort should be a diagnostic step. Diagnosing an organization is »a process where you scrutinize what is going on in a social system and interpret the finding with the help of a theory, a model and/or a set of values that you believe in.«

We follow three basic principles when clients ask us to help them engage in this work organizational change.

  • purpose is to initiate action
  • the more members of the organization are involved in diagnostic work, the more accurate it will be
  • the more the members agree on the theory, the model, or the set of values you decide to use and relate the diagnosis to, the more efficient effects you will see.



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