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Work with us

We are expanding, both in North America and in Scandinavia.

Our experiences over the last few years shows five typical ways for professional connection:

  • employment
  • part-owner
  • connect through your own company
  • collaborate in assignments
  • internships and mentoring

The Apprenticeship Network

The consultants of A&L Partners AB continue their involvement in developing the profession of organizational consulting with the intention of influencing working life, business of organizational development and all social systems.

The direction of the company is very clear on this point. Our concern deals with support to individuals and systems who themselves are prepared to support democracy and human rights in their own and surrounding systems, wherever in the world these demands arise. A very important part in our consultancy is to encourage our client's liberation away from closed systems as well as to increase the client's awareness of more open dependencies.

Another important part is to support individuals, who have had experiences of alienation, no matter how this alienation was awakened or which consequences it leads to.

For a long time, our ambition has been to support and look after future consultants as well as their knowledge and ideas. We have accomplished some and obtained positive experiences from these ambitions, but there are more to do.

For that reason we have created a network - maybe a more true term would be »working-group« or »project-group« - for the less experienced, maybe younger consultants, the Apprenticeship Network, who we make contact with in various ways and who show interest in the business and in A&L Partners AB.

This deployment will be a support to the less experienced consultants, who have only begun their career as organizational consultants - or who thinks about it wondering how to go about it - and therefore need support and guidance in their work as consultants.

Students with need of guidance in understanding their first experiences and writing essays and articles can get support and space by connecting to The Apprenticeship Network.

This network provides a unique opportunity for the Apprentice Program members as well as A&L Partners AB to develop, to create possibilities for the future concerning work, experiences and contacts. Maybe we can discover each others wings.

If you are interested in organizational consultancy work, new to the field, and attracted to the business and the common value-system of A&L Partners AB, we will ask you to make contact with us.

The contact for the network The Apprenticeship Network is Bengt Lindström, +46 8 677 00 30; e-mail bengt@andolin.com.

Autonomous Consultants in Co-operation or Group Daniel

For the purpose of creating opportunities for new organizational consultants and other professionals this group will reflect and work up possibilities and work on obstacles to establish a business as organizational consultant in Sweden.

Development Program for the Apprenticeship Network

For the purpose of exploring and working up your own strengths and weaknesses as organizational consultant this program is launched. The aim is to learn about the role of being an organizational consultant in relation to other systems of interest and client/client-systems, colleagues and other important persons. The program will also give possibility to start establishing your chosen professional career.


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